Time Travel

as the world turns

As the return of daylight savings time approaches, I have been thinking about our human fascination with time: marking it, controlling it, trying to defy it. Other animals (and plants, I suppose) work with the natural movement of the earth around the sun. The birds begin their morning song as the sun begins to rise. The same birds scurry about for one last sip of water and one more tiny morsel of food before settling into their nests as the sun sets. Humans, on the other hand, jar themselves from their beds long before sunrise and keep themselves wired for action long after the sun has set.

I have talked and written about this subject in the past. As much as we try to shift the hours of the day to work in our favor, we can’t time travel and we can’t make more hours in the day. Although sometimes my work requires me to wake before the sun, most days I wake as the sun peeks through the miniblinds. I am, however, quite guilty of reading late into night!

Making Time

While we can’t stop time or time travel, we can be mindful of our time. We can wisely choose what occupies each hour of our days. We can live joyfully and creatively, or we can immerse ourselves in pointless gossip and drama. Did you see the video of the women fighting in the Arizona Bath & Body Works? I told CWC that in all my life I have never been in such a situation. Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been in situations that could have devolved into a public brawl. What it means is that I chose to bow out, to move on, to let joy rule my day instead of getting sucked into an ugly drama (or brawl).  

Remember to set you clocks forward next weekend. Most importantly, remember to set your life not by the clock on the wall but by your inner sense of joy and peace.

4-Day Art Week

Most of you know, but some may not know, that I work at a small college three days a week. I spend the other 4 days at home in my studio – and soon in the garden as spring approaches. I have a long and ever-evolving list of creative activities to keep me busy. This past week I made a quick skirt and a mirror. I had been wanting to try the mirror project for a long while. All you need is an old frame with glass, Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, and some vintage style images. I was surprised at how easy it was. Now that I have made one, I have a feeling I will be making more. Both the skirt and the mirror are featured in this week’s Artist Vlog. Check it out on my YouTube channel.

Upcoming Tuesday Tip Sheet

In the newsletter for March 23, I will have available the full instructions for making a No-Pattern Skirt. Anyone can make this skirt!

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