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I have noticed two trends this year: 1) younger generations are obsessed with aesthetics and 2) they will add “core” to the end of any word to describe an aesthetic style. I am 100% on board with these trends. I mean, Pinterest was made for scrolling for aesthetic images that speak to your heart. Of course, once you fall down the rabbit hole of aesthetic-scrolling, you begin to wonder exactly which aesthetic you like best. Am I Cottagecore, Craftcore, Divacore, Earthcore, Fairycore? Thankfully, Fandom has an entire wiki to help us out, Aesthetics Wiki.

After exhaustive research, I determined that I am most definitely Crowcore. Here are the activities the Aesthetics Wiki says Crowcore people like to do:

  • Sewing your own clothes/DIY clothing modifications

  • Collecting

  • Enjoying the company of birds (wild and tame)

  • Wading in creeks looking for frogs or salamanders

  • Enjoying the cool feel of dirt on your bare feet

  • Spending time to organize your collections (putting them in pretty containers)

  • Reading or studying

  • Charcoal drawings

  • Exploring

  • Spending time hanging out with friends (crows often hang out in small groups)

It’s like they described my perfect day!

The Final 1st Quarter Project Update

If anything demonstrates my crow-like nature, it is the variety of my projects. Here’s what I completed in January, February, and March:

  1. Seamwork Akita top in a vintage fabric

  2. My Mountain Home collage on Canvas

  3. Travel-themed postcards for a swap

  4. No Pattern skirt

  5. Year of the Ox embroidery project

  6. Krylon Looking Glass vintage mirror

  7. Green Fairy ATCs to send to collage friends

Projects carrying forward to the 2nd quarter of 2021 include my wool applique quilt (maybe it will be on the bed next winter?), my new devotional book (outline complete!), Scottish themed art journal (see this week’s video!), and my fluffy pink coat (definitely won’t be wearing it until next winter).

Only one project was abandoned: the Pat Boone paper doll collage. I just don’t have a good vision for this project.

Do you have an “aesthetic” as the young folks are calling it? Let me know in the comments!

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