Oklahoma or the Arctic Circle?

Mid-Month Project Update

Is it the deep freeze? The day after day of dreary weather? Perhaps it is the pandemic’s prolonged disruption of daily life. Whatever the cause, I have officially fallen victim to the forces of demotivation.

I am really good at pushing through. However, getting something done and getting excited about doing it are not the same thing.

Tricks to Restore Motivation

If you, like me, ever need to find your motivation, the three tips below can help.

  1. Take a break. It could be a one-day break or a one-year break. Sometimes you just need to step back and give yourself time to decide if you even want to continue with the project or activity that no longer motivates you. Hint: It’s okay to let things go!

  2. Mix it up. Try new things. I notice that creative people often try new mediums. In fact, I was at a virtual coloring cocktail hour last night, and one of the participants commented that, although she doesn’t usually color, she likes to try new things to keep her creative ideas flowing.

  3. Get moving. Whether you go for a walk or dance in your den (my personal favorite!), physical activity releases endorphins that can up your motivation level.

1st Quarter Project Updates

While I work on my motivation, here is the status of my current projects:

  • New Journal – October seems so far away, but I know I need to get busy and not let my deadlines creep up on me.

  • Seamwork Akita Top – Finished

  • Furry Pink Coat – Ready to Cut Out

  • Wool Applique Quilt – Slow but steady progress which is the purpose of this project!

  • Pat Boone Collage – Still in the “percolating” stage

  • West Virginia Collage on Canvas class project – All materials gathered. I just need to get gluing!

Projects Not Planned but Added Later

(I can’t help myself! So many projects. So little time.)
  • Travel themed postcard swap – Finished and Mailed

  • Lunar New Year Embroidery Project – Finished

  • Watercolor Poppy Photostitch – Finetuning the design (If my motivation returns, there may be a video later this week.)

That’s it from the Arctic Circle, I mean, Oklahoma. I hope you are staying warm!

As always, thank you for your continued support.