Mid-Month Project Progress

learning to pace myself

It’s already the middle of January 2021 (BTW, every time I try to type 2021, I end up typing 2012!). Putting myself on a quarterly project schedule is both useful and frustrating. Useful because it forces me to focus on a select set of projects. Frustrating, because my brain is already feeding me ideas for new projects! Perhaps some of you can relate. Back in 2006 I read a book by the late Barbara Sher called Refuse to Choose. In the book she calls people with many interests “scanners.” The book was a game-changer for me since it accurately described my life. I wasn’t some weird person who couldn’t settle on one “passion.” I was a multi-talented scanner who could dabble and excel in multiple arenas.

Today, the term “scanner” is not as popular. “Multipotentialite” is the newest label, and of course “Renaissance Person” is always applicable. If you are a creative person with multiple interests who feels as if you can’t settle on one career or passion, you may want to grab a copy of Refuse to Choose or Emilie Wapnik’s How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up.

My Project Progress


By the time you read this, my Seamwork Akita top will probably be finished, but this is where I left off when it was time to start writing this newsletter. Look! I successfully aligned the pattern so there wasn’t a giant flower centered over a boob. This is an easy pattern that even a beginning sewist could master. The use of bias binding along the seam raw edges is a nice touch. All I have left to do is bind the neck edge and turn up the hem. I’m taking photos and videoing as I go, and I’ll post a YouTube video at the end of the month about the pattern and working with vintage fabrics.

I will say the top fits Lady Amelia a bit better than it fits me. She is still in pre-pandemic form, and my booty is in “all we do is cook and eat” pandemic form. Luckily, I discovered a funny lady on YouTube with a show call “Over 50 So What.” She has great exercise videos designed for those of us whose knees, hips, and backs have become uncooperative.

Mixed Media

Collage on Canvas Course

I finished the classes in my collage on canvas course, so now I need to finish the project. My theme is “My Mountain Home.” I found some West Virginia ephemera on Etsy, including a map from a book, vintage postage stamps, and postcards. I’m still waiting for the postcards to arrive. Also, thanks to one of my aunts, I have a large selection of old family photos that she scanned and digitized. Some of the photos are nearly a hundred years old! I will select a few of those to add to the collage.

Travel Postcard Swap

Of course, I added something new to my 1st quarter project list: a travel postcard swap sponsored by The Collage Art Collective. The theme is travel, specifically planes, trains, and automobiles. I decided my postcards will take a “Get your kicks on Route 66” theme. I have collected several images and need to print them out and start gluing.

And this is where I realize that looking at my projects on a quarterly basis is helpful. Barbara Sher once told me I didn’t have to do everything today. By giving myself permission to complete my lineup of projects over the course of three months, I feel a little less anxious about getting them all done. I don’t have to finish my book today. I don’t have to finish my quilt today. I don’t have to finish all my collage projects today. I can take my time and enjoy working on them.

I hope all of you are finding creative projects you can take your time with and enjoy.