Me Made May

may the 4th be with you

I couldn’t resist a little Star Wars humor 😊. May is a popular month for observances, including skin cancer awareness and arthritis awareness (more on those in a minute). For the sewing enthusiasts, #MeMadeMay has become one of the most well-known month of May hashtags among sewists on social media. Basically, it is a chance to show off your handmade wardrobe. Here’s a dress I made over the weekend. It’s my favorite simple, shift dress pattern. Currently, I have this dress in three different fabrics in my closet.

If you like to sew clothes or are interested in sewing clothes, here are some of my favorite resources.

American Sewing Guild (

ASG is the only national organization dedicated to advancing the art and skill of sewing. Membership benefits include local chapters, newsletters, learning videos, and more. Perhaps the best thing about joining ASG is the chance to meet up with others who share your passion for sewing.

Threads Magazine (

I confess to being addicted to Threads and to their online membership site, Threads Insider. I learn new techniques in every issue and often look up information on the website. In addition, I find good suppliers for fabrics, notions, and patterns among the advertisers in the magazine.

Seamwork (

Seamwork is an independent pattern design company. Each month they release two new patterns and a magazine. You can buy the patterns without subscribing, but a subscription gives you access to their entire pattern library. In addition, members have access to community discussion boards and a variety of training materials.

Melly Sews (

Melissa Mora is another independent pattern designer. Her website is filled with sewing tips and techniques. She makes clothing patterns for both women and children.

The Palmer/Pletsch Blog (

I first learned about the Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting method about 28 years ago. I’ve been altering and fitting patterns with this method ever since. The blog mostly shows how to fit and sew the Palmer/Pletsch line of McCall’s patterns. Whether or not you use on of the patterns, you will find plenty of inspiration.

If one exciting thing has come out of this past year, it is that home sewing has seen a renaissance. I get two to three requests for sewing lessons every week. I, naturally, think sewing is an invaluable life skill, so I’m thrilled to see so many people wanting to take it up as a hobby or small business.

More May Days

May is both Arthritis Awareness Month and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Both are important to me.

Arthritis is considered an invisible illness. Unless someone has advanced joint damage, you can’t tell if they have some form of arthritis. You can’t tell that they live in pain every hour of every day. Most of us with arthritis continue to live full lives. We adapt where we can. We give up what is no longer possible. What we wish others knew is that when we say “No” or “I can’t” or “I’m not up to it today” we are taking care of ourselves. We don’t need advice, or internet cures, or admonishment. What we need is understanding and the grace to make decisions that we know are best for us.

I’m fair skinned and freckled with plenty of moles. Skin cancer is a real possibility for me. I think nearly every one of my older family members has had skin cancer. If you put off your yearly dermatology appointment due to COVID or have never had your skin checked by a dermatologist, consider making that appointment this month. It’s a non-invasive visit that just might save your life. I’ve lost count of the moles I have had biopsied over the years. Thankfully, they have all be benign. I don’t expect that to be the norm as I get older. What I expect is to catch a sketchy mole early before it becomes deadly.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for your continued support.