How to Stay Motivated

How often do you feel unmotivated to complete a task? I usually zoom through all the fun projects I have to work on. However, some days I get stuck and don’t want to do anything! When this happens, it’s important not to berate ourselves. Negative self-talk never solves the problem. What I like to do is stop and think about what might be causing my lack of motivation:

  • Am I tired and need to rest instead of keeping up with the Energizer Bunny?

  • Am I nervous about my ability to complete the task at hand?

  • Am I simply no longer interested in the project and need to let it go?

Once I identify the issue I can choose how to move forward. Maybe a lazy day is in order, or maybe I need to deal with some other issue before I can get my motivation back. It’s most important to offer ourselves compassion when we find ourselves in a creative funk.

Below is a workbook you can use to understand your motivation and get it back on track when it seems to have disappeared!

Self-Motivation Workbook