Happy Spring!

a time of renewal

In honor of spring, I got my wild hair cut. I let it grow quite a bit because I wanted a different shape that took advantage of the natural curl. I took my stylist pictures of a style from the 1950s called the Italian cut. She, as always, did a great job with the cut. The question was: Can I style this new hairdo? I think I did okay after the first wash. What do you think?

But it’s not all about hair. After a long, dark, icy, subzero, fall and winter, I am ready to soak up some springtime energy. Although I, like so many others, am suffering from pandemic mush brain, I am determined to produce artwork for sale. I realized that over the last year I have not posted any new items for sale. Not selling in a physical location has slowed me down, but, really, I have not felt compelled to make new works for sale. I have created lots of personal pieces and fun pieces for swaps, and that is it.


Consequently, I have declared the upcoming 2nd quarter of 2021 the time to get back to a rigorous art practice. Here are some types of creative work I am interested in:

  • NFT (digital) art

  • Collage pieces to post for sale on Saatchi Art

  • Quilt designs to sell on my own website

  • Print-on-Demand journals, notecards, etc.

  • Art and sewing related classes

I am not sure if I will ever sell in a physical location again. What I would like to have is a physical space to teach out of. Maybe in a few months (next spring??) the world will be open and safe enough for me to look for a space.

No-Pattern Skirt

As promised, directions for the no-pattern skirt are now available for you to download. The product includes a one-page sheet and full written instructions. Truly, it is the simplest skirt ever. I did feel a bit like a math teacher when describing how to measure but sewing is part math and part geometry!

Latest Artist Vlog

Vlog #5 is up on YouTube, and it contains the image below that is as close as you will ever get to seeing me without my clothes on! I am trying to learn fashion sketching and to do it right I needed a croquis. However, most croquis (croquises, croquis’s??) are of long, willowy figures. Sure, those are nice for playing around, but they don’t work if you want to know what a garment would look like on your figure. Thankfully, I found a company, My Body Model, that lets you design a croquis with your own measurements. Mine is spot on as you can see.

As always, thank you for your support! If you have an idea for a class or tutorial you would like to see me do, drop it in the comments below.

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