2020 Creative Year in Review

a year of changes

(Lots of photos in this post, so you may want to open in a browser or allow your email app to show photos!)

Although most people ring in the new year on January 1, the December solstice is always when I start thinking about new possibilities. It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year – it’s all uphill after today!

Before I start planning for 2021 (good riddance 2020!), I decided a quick review of all the beautiful and joyful things that did happen in an otherwise no-good-terrible-year was in order. I hope this inspires you to remember the good that occurred or encourages you to go out and start creating something beautiful in your life.


I had forgotten that life did not have to be one exhausted day after another. I’m not sure how I forgot that, but the end of a job that had me working long hours on my feet was a pandemic blessing in disguise. I’ve since gone back to work three days a week with an amazing group of people at a small college, and I started teaching a few classes at the local community college.

We are all living with some level of anxiety or even depression; some are calling it pandemic fatigue. Yet I hope you will not get too discouraged. All these many months seem like a long time, but in the course of a lifetime, it’s a small blip. A resilient attitude will see us through to better days.


The pandemic has made this feel like a barren year, so it was cathartic to look back over the year and discover all the art I made. Click the image to view a quick slide show of my 2020 art and craft pieces featured in the collage.

Sewing and Embroidery

Apparently, I don’t take many pictures of my sewing and embroidery projects! So many of them are gifts that I don’t photograph them to post because I don’t want the recipient to see them. Also, since I ditched most social media, I’ve discovered that I no longer live my life “on display,” meaning I don’t try to capture everything in an Instagram-worthy photo. FYI, this is quite liberating! I recommend it! However, here are a few items I did capture. Click the collage to see a slideshow.

Nature and Gardening

Thankfully, nature was not impacted by the coronavirus. Getting out for walks, sitting in the garden, and even day trips to state parks made staying home more bearable. We literally got out and smelled the roses!

Thank You!

This year in review would not be complete without thanking all of you who follow along with me on this creative journey. I hope you’ll stick with me and even invite your friends!